Friday, 20 November 2015

A Christmas Advent Calender to share with people of all faiths

The Traditional Christmas Advent Calender is a new way to share the gospel message with people of all faiths every day in December.

This calendar has been put together to allow all people regardless of religion, belief, or culture to appreciate the spirit and meaning of Christmas by combining Christmas story with carols and message on sacrifice, sharing & giving. 

The design of the website has been created specifically to attract all people.

Kenneth Jorgensen who created this calendar says he found inspiration to the calendar from several sources:
"One of my favourite childhood memories was watching the advent calendar story on TV every day leading up to Christmas. Every day there was something to learn and be inspired about. Sometimes it is related to the story of Jesus and other times it is simply about sacrifice/sharing/giving. 
It appealed to people of all/no faiths. The internet has since arrived but I haven't seen something similar. As I also wanted to learn how to create web pages I thought it would be ideal to give it a go and then share it with my friends.
I decided on including 3 areas for each day: Christmas Story, Christmas Carol and topic of Sacrifice/Sharing/Giving. To find 75 video clips would normally be a huge task but since the LDS church already has a massive collection of relevant video clips it went fairly quick.
Last Christmas was the first time to show it. I shared it with family and friends but it soon spread and I was surprised to see thousands of hits. 
What was more important was to hear the many personal stories from people who had felt inspired to do better as a result of watching the video clips."
Every day in December leading up to Christmas day you/they can open a new door on the calendar and the following content will be revealed: 

1) Christmas Story video (watch and/or read) 
2) Inspiring Christmas carol/song 
3) Inspiring message on sacrifice/sharing/giving

That is a total of 75 video clips your friends can watch.

The Christmas Story video clips are the Bible Videos produced by the church.

The Bible reference will take people to the scripture on the LDS church website.

The Christmas Carols & Songs video clips include Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Piano Guys, Lindsey Stirling etc. 

The inspiring messages on sacrifice/sharing/giving include many LDS church produced video clips but also non-church produced video clips. 

The video clips for December 1st are already available for you to peek to give you a taste of what is to come but the rest of the doors will first be available that day at 6am GMT.

The calendar can be found at

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